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CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap

    Last updated: 2023-3-28


    CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap serves as a platform to facilitate three collaborations, i.e. collaborations between the private and public sectors, between CEFIA and the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) Phase II, and between finance, policy frameworks, and decarbonising solutions. 

    Objectives of the roadmap are (1) Serves as a platform to facilitate collaboration between public and private sectors, (2) Clarifies collaboration between CEFIA and APAEC Phase II, and (3) Promotes collaboration among the three main elements of finance, frameworks, and decarbonization solutions. 

    The roadmap has five common action areas, namely (A) Information sharing, (B) Capacity building, (C) Pilot projects/support on project formulation, (D) Support on introduction of policy, framework, and finance, (E) Evaluation (GHG emission reduction). The roadmap covers activities of technology-based flagship projects such as RENKEI control, ZEB (Zero Energy Building), SteelEcosol (Steel & iron), Microgrid. The roadmap also covers cross-cutting activities of Visualisation, and Finance. 

    The CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap was  formally launched at the 4th CEFIA Forum in Cebu, Philippines on 16 February 2023. 

    Launching of the CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap
    (Presentation at the 4th CEFIA Forum)
    Presenter: Mr. Christopher G. Zamora, Senior Manager, ACE

    •     - Sharing the outcomes of consultation during the development of the CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap