Flagship Project: Biochar


Biomass is a general term for biological resources that are derived from animals, plants, and other living organisms. Biomass power generation uses these resources to generate electricity by direct combustion, which is widely used in Asian regions; it is renewable energy, and by using local unused biomass, can be useful to create circular economy.

Alternative method to produce energy from biomass is gasification. Gasification is a thermochemical process used to convert biomass into syngas, which has various applications, including combined heat and electricity (CHP) production, as a substitute for natural gas, and for green hydrogen production. It promotes decentralized energy solutions with high efficiency and offers the environmental benefit through the production of biochar.

Forest Energy operate biomass power plants in Japan with distinctive features by use of gasification technology. First, it stands out as a "carbon-negative" facility, thanks to its innovative use of biochar to store carbon emissions. Second, Forest Energy is committed to utilizing locally sourced biomass to establish a network of small CHP plants, contributing to a highly efficient and decentralized energy infrastructure.


While this energy model can be adapted to the ASEAN region, it's essential to consider modifications that may be necessary based on the type of biomass available and the specific applications of biochar. In CEFIA, Forest Energy will share its expertise and experience through two key initiatives:

  1. Promotion of Biochar:
    Biochar plays a pivotal role in achieving carbon-negative energy production. Biochar can be utilized to enhance soil quality in agriculture or integrated into construction materials to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and roads. By sharing advanced technologies and their applications, as exemplified in Japan, we aim to establish a comprehensive knowledge base accessible to both the public and private sectors.

  2. Biomass Evaluation:
    Provide initial feedback on biomass resources, with a focus on their suitability for gasification and biochar production. This assessment aims to assist both the public and private sectors in formulating a comprehensive biomass energy strategy for their respective regions.


Recent Activity Report