Flagship Project: Finance



CEFIA aims to develop functions and frameworks that will serve as a platform for mobilizing Cleaner Energy Finance to promote the adoption of decarbonization technologies in the ASEAN region. By leveraging the efforts of ASEAN+3, CEFIA can contribute to creating enabling environments for cleaner energy finance as a “nexus” among the public sector, private sector, and financial institutions by sharing their needs and voices with the ASEAN member countries.

For becoming a hub for facilitation of Cleaner Energy Finance in ASEAN, the mission of CEFIA finance activities is to act as a catalyst for strong engagement between project developers and ASEAN financial institutions to accelerate cleaner energy financing in the region.

The objective of CEFIA's financing activities is to enable local financial institutions in the ASEAN region to facilitate the financing of projects in the decarbonized sectors by enhancing their capabilities and developing appropriate policies and institutional frameworks to improve the business environment.




About Flagship Project Finance

Accelerating project formulation originating from the flagship projects. 

Finance flagship project conducts analysis of challenges in implementing cleaner energy and decarbonization technologies in ASEAN, ascertained the needs of local financial institutions, and provide seminars to mobilize finance. 

The Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP), which has a network of development banks in ASEAN, takes the lead in the implementation of the project. It also collaborates with experts in the financial sector in ASEAN, such as the Asian Development Bank and the ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA).