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CEFIA Visualisation

    Last updated: 2023-3-28


    CEFIA Visualisation of GHG emissions reduction

    CEFIA’s efforts are aimed at contributing to APAEC’s goals and, in turn, to the realisation of a decarbonised society as the Paris Agreement aims to achieve.
    To quantify the overall contributions to GHG reductions through CEFIA activities, there needs to be a common understanding on its concept and procedure.

    Key concept of visualisation of contributions  
    Disclosure of climate mitigation impact is increasingly important in securing finance for projects and corporate activities as growing number of financial institutions engage in sustainable finance. Impact of contributions to climate change mitigation to be shown in an easily understandable and common manner. Visualisation of climate mitigation impact contributes to and enhance activities planned in APAEC II
    Expected benefits through visualisatoin are;
    (1) Promoting emission reductions under three different levels; 1) project level, 2) systems/programmes introduction at target sector, and 3) achievement NDC in national level.
    (2) Attracting climate finance to support dissemination of low-carbon technologies.

    Three types of contributions to reductions
    Contributions to reductions promoted under this framework could be categorized to three types


    Basic principles for visualisation
    Visualisation is for the purpose to quantify contributions to reductions rather than crediting carbon credit. Therefore, visualisation procedures need to be clear, practical, economical, and concise for CEFIA-related stakeholders.