Introduction of CEFIA Flagship Projects

Last updated: 2022-11-08

CEFIA has started to build “Flagship projects” as leading activities of collaboration between public, private, and academic players. Flagship projects be carried out under CEFIA.
Specific themes of the flagship projects are being discussed in the “CEFIA Government-Private Forum”. Policy makers, private sectors and experts are discussing and identifying the technologies and policies relevant to each theme. During the first meeting of the CEFIA Government-Private Forum organized in November 2019, good practices of public-private cooperation through technological innovations and policy/regulatory development were shared.

Follwowing are themes and purposes of Flagship projects;

RENKEI: Disseminating control optimization (RENKEI) to reduce energy consumption throughout utility plants and manufacturing plants through IoT.

ZEB: Promoting and developing the Net-Zero Energy Building (ZEB) to contribute to the acceleration of energy efficiency in the demand side in ASEAN.

Microgrid: Introducing Microgrid system combining Magnus wind turbines, solar power, and energy storage functions into remote islands, to realize decarbonized energy and improving resilience.

SteelEcosol: Diagnosing and introducing the best available energy-saving technologies (BAT) to the steel industries.

Biochar: Introducing the technology of storing CO2 as bio-charcoal while biomass gasification and promoting the biochar in the ASEAN region.

AC system: Disseminating Air Conditioning System with Excessive Cooling Protection (currently being introduced on a trial basis in Thailand and Vietnam), which provides the same level of comfort even at high temperature settings.

Finance: Accelerating project formulation originating from the flagship projects.