CEFIA Flagship:SteelEcosol related event AJSI Webinar 2024 "Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Steel Sector" on 6th Feb

4 Mar. 2024

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The CEFIA Flagship AJSI Webinar 2024 "Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Steel Sector" was held on 6th February 2024 via Zoom.


AJSI webinar flyer- 6Feb 2024v8_Page_1

AJSI webinar flyer- 6Feb 2024v8_Page_2

Presentation materials are available from the link below:

0.    Overview of AJSI - JISF

1-1. SEAISI’s support towards ASEAN steel industries to promote Decarbonization to achieve CN - South East Asia Iron & Steel institute

1-2. Japanese governmental policy and initiatives - METI

1-3. Capacity Building Activity toward Carbon Neutrality in ASEAN countries - Energy Conservation Center, Japan

1-4. Enhancing the Enabling Environment and Finance Solutions in ASEAN's Iron and Steel Sector - ASEAN Centre for Energy

1-5. Japan’s Grand Strategy for Green Transformation - METI

2-1. Carbon Neutral Vision 2050 - Nippon Steel Corporation

2-2. JFE Steel’s Environmental Vision 2050 - JFE Steel Corporation

2-3. KOBELCO Group Initiatives Aimed at Achieving Carbon Neutrality - Kobe Steel, Ltd.

2-5. Best Available Technology for CN in ASEAN Steel Industry - Nipon Steel Engineering

2-6. Decarbonization Efforts and Key Challenges at Siam Yamato Steel Thailand - Siam Yamato Steel

2-7. Private sector initiatives toward Carbon Neutrality in ASEAN countries - PT Krakatau Steel Tdk 

AJSI webinar flyer- 6Feb 2024v8_Page_3

AJSI webinar flyer- 6Feb 2024v8_Page_4


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