Flagship Project: ZEB

Short video of ZEB introduction

Introduction of CEFIA Flagship Project: ZEB  (00:01:32)


Collaboration organizations

  • Collaboration organizations share their experiences and knowledge of ZEB to facilitate transitions towards ZEB through CEFIA.

Activities of JASE-W ZEB Solution Working Group

In order to disseminate ZEB in ASEAN member countries, the JASE-W ZEB Solution Working Group is actively promoting this step-by-step approach via seminars/trainings for ASEAN countries.

The following are seminars/trainings for ASEAN countries
- Online seminar for Vietnam, Dec. 2020
- Online seminar for Indonesia, Feb. 2021

In addition to these activities, it is important this step-by-step approach toward ZEB to be recognized as an international standard in order to be useful for policymaking in each country.


Collaboration activities with SEDA and JASE-W ZEB Solution Working Group

Recent Activity Report