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Snapshots from the 2nd CEFIA Forum (Session III)

24 Feb. 2021

Session III:  Mobilization of Finance for Decarbonization Pathways

Finance is positioned as one of the major activities at CEFIA. This fiscal year, the following activities are being conducted: (1) Virtual Roundtable Discussion (VRD) with relevant parties, (2) Gap Analysis through a questionnaire survey of local financial institutions, and (3) Study on the possibility of using the CO2 reduction measurement tool at financial institutions. We are currently studying measures to strengthen cooperation within the ASEAN region by utilizing the CEFIA forum, while identifying finance issues in promoting the introduction of low-carbon and decarbonized technologies within the region.


  • Further understanding of the concept and initiatives of “Cleaner Energy Finance” in the ASEAN region with respect to current financing bottlenecks and needs
  • Further understanding of the examples of approaches taken by governments, development finance institutions, and local banks as relevant key stakeholders
  • Discussion of solutions to stimulate low-carbon and decarbonized business, and discussion of the frameworks and functions needed to create a pathway to low-carbon and decarbonized finance at CEFIA


  • Sharing the expected roles and approaches of governments, development finance institutions and local banks to promote “Cleaner Energy Finance”
  • Sharing the current status of ESG investment, and the role of transition finance in the ASEAN region
  • Sharing the effectiveness of "visualization" of CO2 emission reductions by financial institutions as a way to promote the creation of low-carbon businesses

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