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ISO Technical Specification for Zero Energy Buildings Published

10 Oct. 2021

The ISO Technical Specification ISO/TS 23764:2021 with the title, “Methodology for achieving non-residential zero-energy buildings (ZEBs)” was published on 24 September 2021. TS 23764 advocates a step-by-step approach to the realization of (net) ZEB.

In May 2020, the technical specification was proposed by the ZEB Promotion Working Group in the Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide (JASE-W). The ZEB Promotion Working Group participates the “CEFIA Flagship Project: ZEB” for the ZEB dissemination in the ASEAN region. Promoting energy efficient and low-carbon buildings is an essential measure to achieve transition towards low carbon/decarbonized society in the ASEAN region. With the publication of ISO/TS 23764:2021, an acceleration of dissemination of the practical ZEB approach and the basic considerations during the total process of ZEB realization, from design to the operation and maintenance stages will be expected in the ASEAN region.

Related information:
JASE-W. “<<Press Release>>Technical specifications for Zero Energy Buildings have been issued from ISO as TS23764 in September”. 6 October 2021.
(Link to JASE-W website)

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